We're in the business of the arts.

And we're in the business of education.

...health and human services, and environmental stewardship.

Success in a nonprofit's mission requires sound financial support.

That's where Arts Finance comes in.

What does AFR do?

1AFR builds stronger nonprofits. With AFR’s assistance, organizations strengthen their financial footing. Budgets become more meaningful, cash flows are maximized, financial operations are stabilized, and reporting is clarified, for your Board and your staff.

What makes AFR different?

2We understand all aspects of your org. Your programs, your provision of service, your constituents, administration, and financial support. Your org’s mission fulfillment requires harmony among these interdependent elements. AFR facilitates that harmony.

Why choose AFR?

3Perspective, experience, passion. Our communities need your good work, and AFR has been offering assessments, management services, financial / operational assistance and training in support of nonprofits like yours for over 26 years.