[image_frame style=”shadow” align=”right”]https://artsfinance.com/images/SPATSWebSource.jpg[/image_frame]Arts Patron Services is a function of the Arts Finance group, providing support services to satisfy the venue, constituent management, production and front of house needs of your organization. The services provided by Arts Patrons are perfect for small independent performing arts groups, educational institutions, or religious institutions with an underutilized venue.

[toggle_framed title=”Customized constituent management” variation=”teal”]Arts Patrons is proud to announce the development of a low cost constituent management database solution.
Known colloquially as R.T. Spats, Arts Patrons tracks your supporters with full transactional support for donations, merchandising and ticket sales within a G/A venue, linking patron activity to your mailing list. Customized add-ons allow detailed tracking of auditions, artists, performance contracts and instrument insurance.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Patron development” variation=”teal”]Arts Patrons allows your nonprofit to gain more effective control over fundraising appeals and performance reminders. We help you target your mailing list efforts, based on your constituents’ transactional activity. The result is an organization that manages its mailing list based on transactional history, user-defined attributes, or a combination of both.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Event design and facilitation” variation=”teal”]For organizations without the staff or the support bandwidth to produce their own concerts, we build events from the ground up. This service is perfect for educational or religious institutions with an underutilized venue.
We’ll schedule series and/or seasons, manage dates and venues as needed. We’ll contact, book and manage all artist and contract relations. We work with existing organization administrations to insure a seamless, professionally managed and productive performance.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Artist relations” variation=”teal”]Arts Patrons represents your venue in all date and event scheduling matters, including contract negotiation.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Ticketing, box office services and Front of House management” variation=”teal”]Arts Patrons allows your organization to maintain a professional front in all ticketing and performance aspects. We manage advance ticket sales, constituent relations and all FOH activities. In addition, the resources available through R.T. Spats provides you the full range of patron marketing and management data for your attendees, including source codes, Zip Code analysis, and discount tracking, allowing you to manage future events based on past attendance.[/toggle_framed]