This is the heart and the breadth of Arts Finance Resources’ value. We offer guidance and support in all policies, procedures, methods and accounting activities that result in an organization’s financial statements.

Further, we insure the successful communication and translation of the information contained in those reports to an organization’s board, its staff and its constituency.

In other words, when it comes to an org’s financial foundation, AFR does it all.

Developing an organization’s budget, and managing the resulting cash flow implications, is a specialty area of Arts Finance Resources. Big budget or small, cash flow management is a critical function, and we offer the perspective and experience to stabilize your org’s financial activities, now and into the future.

Insure compliance with the your auditor’s requirements, and be properly prepared for field work. Coordinating with your audit firm where appropriate, AFR provides detail to ledger reconciliation, bank statement review, support schedule development and reporting analysis.

Elevate your board’s awareness regarding the financial conditions affecting your organization. Translate your audit for your board. Develop meaningful internal reports. Answer the questions your board asks. Plot your long range financial course.

For new organizations, lay the proper groundwork to support your success. For established orgs, enhance your ability to record and report financial information. Use the information you collect in more effective ways.

Achieve a better understanding of your financial information. Gain access to the information your accountant either doesn’t tell you about, or isn’t able to express in terms meaningful to you and your organization. You need the answers to your questions to provide information and perspective you can use.

Tuneups : Gain the confidence from your financial systems receiving a good old fashioned ‘spit-shine’. Use the data you currently generate to more effectively manage your constituency relationships.

Cleanups : Regain control over systems that have gone haywire over time. Reconstruct financial records from prior years. Get caught up on local, state and federal filings.

Depend on productive interim assistance during staff transitions. From processing payroll to banking deposits to generating timely financials to furthering the development of your long range plan, rest assured the work will continue.

Receive training and guidance in the software tools your organization depends on, whether it’s Quickbooks or Blackbaud, or any application in between.

Enhance your reporting skills with Crystal Reports, Excel, and custom-developed Access database solutions.

Let us help you utilize these tools effectively to overcome your challenges and fulfill your mission.